Children’s young minds are shaped by a myriad of factors  throughout their development, including academic education. Through education, children’s thinking processes evolve resulting in better understanding  of the world around them.

Parents tend to enjoy exchanging conversations about their children’s scholastic development. At social gatherings, we like to talk about their grades, favorite subjects are, best teachers, homework load etc… However, what we don’t often bring to the forefront of our conversations is: how are moral values incorporated in their schooling? How does morality develop in children? Is their education today considered moral?

While parents do their best to teach moral values at home, moral education tends to be lacking in mainstream media consumption and schools. This realisation is growing internationally. In the Arab region, moral education is becoming more imminent. Recently, the UAE introduced Moral Education Standardised Assessment (MESA) across schools.

The literature and scientific evidence support the importance of moral education on child development. According to a Harvard study, children with spiritual upbringing and moral education demonstrated a higher degree of well-being in early adulthood.

Children need to acquire tools to develop morality and thus navigate through life. As Theodore Rooseveslt stated, “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society”.

Moral values are so important to us here at AYA Animations. Moral education is essential in differentiating right from wrong, decision making, and ultimately in social judgment and responsibility.

After reading this blog, I would like you to remember that moral dimensions are integrated in all aspects of life. Character, virtues and values help children and adults recognize and internalize traits that improve their quality of life. Therefore, I strongly believe that moral education can rewire a child’s mind.

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