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AYA Animations is a mission-driven production company established in 2015 by founder Sara Sawaf. We aim to deliver values-based edutainment across a variety of media including apps, books, educational material and our hero series Aya and Yusuf. Through enriching and enjoyable experiences, we strive to seamlessly integrate moral education into the curriculum of life for young audiences everywhere.

While much of the content we produce is rooted in Qur’anic teachings, the values woven into each story are shared by all faiths. These universal values ensure AYA Animations is inclusive and appropriate for children of all backgrounds. The Aya and Yusuf series will be available in Arabic and English and we are working to offer all our content in even more languages to reach audiences everywhere….


To connect children to universal values through a variety of entertainment content rooted in moral education.


To create enjoyable and enriching values-based edutainment content for kids.

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