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About the SERIES


Aya & Yusuf is a fast-paced and visually compelling animation series aimed at children aged 2 to 8. The show centers on Aya and Yusuf, two adorable and adventurous 5-year-old twins with a passion for exploring the big beautiful world around them.  They spend their days discovering what the lush countryside they live in has to offer, all while learning valuable life lessons drawn from the holy Qur’an along the way. The animation series will focus on themes such as embracing family values, helping those in need, taking responsibility for one’s actions, practicing gratitude, protecting the environment, accepting others despite how they may differ from us, and celebrating God’s creations.




Aya is impulsive, curious and sociable. She is funny, smart and sweet. She is always giggling with excitement during her chores and activities, finding the fun in everything she does.


Yusuf is cautious, observant and adventurous. He is competitive, kind and generous.




  • It will be an investment in the future of young children around the world.
  • We instill pride in our viewers in their Islamic Heritage and educate the world on the beautiful manners in the Qur’an.
  • By reinforcing Universal good manners and ideas, we will help build a stronger society.
  • We instill strong moral values in young audiences and inspire them to lead exemplary lives that radiate a positive influence on their futures, peers and environments.
  • We perform a public benefit and community service by creating positive educational episodes that can serve as powerful instructional tools to the youngest members of our society, and the fastest-growing audience in the World.

We aim to make AYA & YUSUF a leading brand, by creating characters that will be role models for good manners. Our guiding theme for every episode: virtuous living, performing good deeds.