At AYA Animations, our mission and ethos revolves around providing edutainment content for children. What makes it unique is that it is values-based and deeply rooted in the universal teachings of the Qur’an to inspire the next generation of leaders to shape a better world through acts of kindness. With this in mind, we set out to really get to the bottom of how our animated series, Aya and Yusuf will truly resonate with young audiences, grasp their attention and impact their lives for the better.

When it comes to creating an authentic animation production, there are some things that you just have to get right for the overall product to come together holistically. While the quality of the video has to be spot on, the audio is equally as important because it helps to deliver your message and form the basis of what will capture the attention of your audience.

One crucial aspect of our planning was how to successfully utilize the voices in the show to inspire happiness, positive energy and meaning. The conclusion that we came to as a team was that the choice of voice actor is crucially important, offering much more than just a voice to ‘talk over’ a video.

Our voice actors needed to understand the true purpose of our project in order to successfully articulate the messages with the energy and joy required. Choosing the right voice over actor was imminent to providing the right touch of emotion and tone that will help lift the message to a level that resonates with our young audiences and makes the right impact.

Sometimes finding the right voices requires a sixth sense or instinct. But it’s not always as hard as it seems! With our team of experts, we set out to identify the right voices but that was only the first step. With a number of briefings and in-depth conversations, we managed to truly inspire our VO’s and ensure they understood our mission inside out. Eventually we managed to form a team of amazing VO’s who truly exuded kindness, playfulness and joy. Something amazing happens when all the voices come together as one family and we strongly believe that they bring the characters to life. Visit the Our Team page to learn more about the lovely voices behind the characters in ‘Aya and Yusuf’!

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