Starting the month on a meaningful note, I had the pleasure of attending the 2020 alumni dinner at my university, American University of Sharjah. During my years of studying there, I took classes that helped develop a framework of what it means to run a successful business. On January 31st I was invited back on campus where I proudly showcased AYA Animations, an organization I set up in 2015 to create fun, values-based edutainment for kids everywhere. It was a very moving moment for me to see how things can come full circle. 

While speaking about AYA Animations, our mission and my journey from being a student to becoming a mom-preneur, I was energised and enthusiastic about the future. It was apparent that the gap in the market for compelling moral education tools for kids is only growing. 

It was so wonderful to share our story with the many students, fellow alumni and staff at AUS. Many people echoed the guiding insight we follow at AYA Animations. Through my conversations, many of my initial drivers were validated by parents and educators alike. Enriching, enjoyable ‘screen-time’ experiences are in-demand and I look forward to bringing our first series ‘Aya & Yusuf’ to the world in 2020. 

Teta, a character in our upcoming ‘Aya & Yusuf’ series even prepared one of her specialties for the event: her home-made cookies. 

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