There’s a well-known saying: “Every cloud has a silver lining”.

In our contemporary high tech world, where countless TV programs, video games, advertising, online entertainment and uncensored Youtube content are all literary at children’s fingertips – it is proving at times an almost insurmountable challenge for parents to monitor and control what their youngsters are watching. Seemingly innocent cartoon characters from an unfamiliar downloaded link could unexpectedly pounce into violent, frightening behavior or grossly provocative lewd language. An astonished child would often have their eyes and attention transfixed in shocked horror, too hypnotized for a guardian to tear away the iPads from their hands in time, or to change the TV channel sufficiently swiftly, or be able to close the popped up inappropriate advertising – to avoid the damaging words or images from steeping into their memories.

At Aya Animations – we like to believe that we are offering parents and guardians that “silver lining”. From within the dark impenetrable abyss of inappropriate content, we are providing lovingly created wholesome role models and meticulously researched episodes in our cartoons to positively inspire and impact children as shining beacons of light and optimism.
Our children can continue using and enjoying the technology that is so idiosyncratic of their generation to enjoy our programs. Furthermore, the characters in our animations have been created to provide captivating entertainment through their thrilling fun pursuits, whilst stimulating viewer’s intellect with carefully researched content that will subliminally enhance children’s general knowledge – and most importantly – represent role models that can be cherished for their wisdom, kindness, social acumen, spiritual connection with God, and empathy towards His creatures.

Parents and guardians can rest assured that the characters and narratives that unfold in Aya and Yusuf have been brought to life by a fastidious mother who has scrutinized each phrase, content and detail to be worthy of how she would like her very own children to be educated and influenced. The aim being that, what transpires before the children’s eyes during each episode, will influence their minds, souls and behavior to do greater good – within the family unit, in relation to nature and the environment, towards their peers and within difficult challenging scenarios. In place of inappropriate language, shallow personas, damaging images, questionable attitudes, Aya and Yusuf will be the ultimate reliable friends to your children – inviting them to revel in a stream of wonderfully amusing experiences together whilst always, unfailingly looking out for their very best interests.

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