Sara & Fares

About the pilot

To validate our assumptions that parents and educators of young children were looking for values based content, we created a pilot/production test with two main characters Sara and Fares; the animation aimed at children aged 2 to 8 featured 5-year-old twins and their grandmother at their countryside home.  The children learn a valuable lesson in giving selflessly and supporting one another; a lesson drawn from the holy Qur’an.


Pilot Concept Art


  • Audiences are looking for values-based content for children.
  • The characters Sara and Fares were a hit with audiences. We needed to make a few aesthetic modifications to make them look more proportional, expressive and relatable.
  • Parents liked the location and natural environment; it reminded many of their time in the countryside in their parents and grandparents villages.
  • Teachers of young students in primary school are keen on adopting the video in their classrooms to add to or complement their subject materials around morals and ethics.