Relying on the Iqra Dynamic, recovered by a dedicated researcher, I spent over 10 years reading research based on the Qur’an so that I could understand it in reference to original intent. And the original intent is amazing.

One of the words that struck me is the meaning of the word “Shukr”. Growing up, I was confined to its limited definition of “Gratefulness”. However, after I was guided to 1000+ year old Lexicons, it was clear that ‘Shukr’ means accepting what is little and making the most of it until it achieves abundance. So it is about productivity and enhancement.  IT IS ABOUT MAKING SOMETHING GROW & BEAR FRUIT.

Feeling enlightened, and spurred by a growing desire to better grasp the words of God in the Qur’an… the words that guide us to be better, responsible and productive human beings while instilling harmony and oneness with nature, I wanted to continue learning and along the way share the Qur’an wisdom with my children. I have made it my responsibility and mission to provide value-based content for them and others of their generation.

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