As with any subject, parenting comes with its own set of buzzwords and trends. None is more prevalent in the realm of raising children than the term ‘mindfulness’. Mindfulness can take on a number of meanings, ultimately it comes down to bringing up your children with a strong sense of intentional awareness. Rather than give in to the fleeting emotions that control words and behaviours, mindfulness is a conscious state whereby children check-in with themselves, and realign their actions and speech to their values.

The trend is recent, and one that came about in an era of anxiety. In fact, research from the National Institute of Health reveals that mindful parenting can support a child’s cognitive and emotional development, allowing for better stress management and more confidence in decision making. 

As one moves through the motions in life, much of what we do is on auto-pilot. This means we play a more passive role in our own lives, rather than an active, intentional approach to life. Through mindful parenting, we empower our children with the soft skills they need to be the captain of the ship as they take on the uncharted waters of life. 

So just how can you implement this style of parenting? Here at AYA Animations we seek to promote the value of mindfulness and put together three tips to raise your children to be intentional adults. 

1.Practice What You Preach

The age old saying ‘children are like sponges’ rings so true when it comes to mindful parenting. Your children look to you for example, and if parents lose their temper or act in such a way that contradicts what they tell their children to do, the likelihood of that child adopting such behaviour is slim to none. Modelling the behaviour you seek to instill in your child is the easiest way to raise more mindful kids. 


We all know time with our kids is precious and time sure does fly. One way to instils more awareness in the present is to completely disconnect from technology. That not only means putting phones and iPads away. But also, engaging in family activities that do not involve screens. Doing a puzzle, going for a walk or arts and crafts are all examples of how you can spend quality time together away from technology and distractions. 

3.Self-care Routines

We spend so much time researching what is best for our kids and taking care of them, it is important to integrate self-care into their routine. From food to clothing to meditation and beyond, there are many self-care routines that can physically, mentally and spiritually inspire mindfulness. 

We hope you found this helpful and we’re keen to hear more from you. How do you inspire more mindful parenting practices with your kids? 

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