We believe that understanding what kids watch is more important than how much they watch. Wouldn’t you agree? Screen time, in moderation, can be engaging and insightful for young kids, especially as their cognition and digital fluency develops for the modern era. Hence, what they spend time watching truly means everything.

When children are exposed to acts of kindness, positive representations, and characters that emulsify virtues, their framework of understanding the world around them can be nurtured and developed for good. In fact, according to a Harvard study, children with spiritual education and a religious upbringing demonstrated a higher degree of well-being in early adulthood. If you want to learn more about the study you can find it here.

The mental and physical benefits of spiritual and moral education on young children is more potent than we often credit it for.

Our aim is to introduce values-based learning to offer children enjoyable content rooted in the moral teachings of universal beliefs. We strongly believe that screen time that is meaningful is increasingly more important to seek for our children in today’s.

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