In October we participated at MIPJunior, the world’s leading kids entertainment industry event that features the latest and greatest in Television, Content Production, Video & DVD, Cinema, and all industry related expertise. My partner Rama and I were representing AYA Animations on-ground amid a multitude of different companies, startups, producers, distributors and investors, all coming together to delve into the current and future landscape of the global kids media industry. 

Just being there among the industry experts was fascinating and it gave us the opportunity to engage in discussions about why we set out to do what we do. What stood out the most to us was that over the course of our participation we were delighted to speak with a number of like-minded attendees and prospective partners about the need for more values-based content for children. To our surprise, we realised just how widely accepted the imminent need is for values-based content around the world. Here are some of our key takeaways: 

  • Industry experts are increasingly recognising the need for more values-based content globally.  

Participating at the conference and having these discussions was a strong reaffirmation for us in that today’s media landscape does not provide enough options for young families who want to provide their children with the best values-based edutainment. Children’s programmes and cartoons inspire as much legitimacy for teaching values and ideals as does traditional learning in schools, religious institutions and the family. That is why it is so important to us that we delve deeper into what shapes children to be kind, well spoken, and dignified adults. The feedback from our engagements was overtly positive and this greatly inspired the need to push the envelope in this space. 

  • The representation of Arabic edutainment still comprises very little ground in the global edutainment space. 

However, the demand is huge, which gives us the opportunity to further our mission of bringing originally crafted Arabic edutainment content that is values-based to Arabic and non Arabic speaking communities everywhere. Being exposed to the global platform of expertise gave us a huge boost and there was a strong general consensus about the importance of reaching this consumer market which holds untapped potential. As an Arabic speaker and consumer of content myself, I strongly believe that this market deserves attention. From an industry perspective, this consumer market is a goldmine of opportunity. 

  • Technology is disrupting the entire content value chain from production to distribution

New age technologies are changing the way content is consumed for audiences of all ages. With children now accessing shows on mobile devices, a major shift in thinking is needed for delivering content to young minds. We have often talked about screen time in our posts as a fundamental aspect of early childhood development that needs to be strongly considered by parents. At MIP Junior we got the chance to delve deeper into the technology trends that are shaping the future of the industry, as well as the importance of choosing what is best for kids to consume among a plethora of the unknown and unwanted. This space will continue to evolve. 

Overall, our experience at MIP Junior gave us great exposure and a substantial amount of feedback, reaffirming our vision to bring values-based content to children around the world. We look forward to taking part again next year! 

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