I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked on our teaser episode “Sara & Fares” [View Here] .

The hard work that was put in, the research, the story writing and re-writing, the learning experiences, the ups and downs, all paid off when the teaser episode travelled the world! It was presented in schools and played in homes. Reactions from young children and testimonials from parents and teachers from various locations confirmed to us the appreciation and value of our content. This positivity has boosted our enthusiasm and conviction in this educational project that is so dear to our hearts.

Having garnered interest and positive feedback for our characters Sara and Fares during our introductory teaser episode, we are now preparing to release the official starring characters of our project “Aya & Yusuf”. The process of creating them from concept art to colouring to modelling to having them pursue their adventures in their home as wholesome endearing characters alongside their family and fellow farm animals is a thrilling process..

I have aspired to create characters for my own children Aya and Yousuf in this delightful animation that portray such admirable and inspiring traits, that I was moved to name them after them. I hope Aya and Yusuf (both in reality and in the animation) will mirror each other in their acts of goodness, wisdom and moral intelligence and prove to be inspiring role models for children round the world .

Please do follow our social media pages as we journal on their progress and stay tuned for some more fun value-based stories for young children inspired by the Qur’an!

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