Just as is demonstrated in the Aya and Yusuf episodes, values and morals can be taught to children through various activities and approaches. I have provided a list of examples below of :

  • Charitable Acts: 

It is important that our children are raised humbly and in a household that fosters giving and empathy. Sorting through your kids’ clothes with them and then donating those clothes is a wonderful way to teach your children about compassion and the importance of sharing the privilege one was bestowed. These values are also integral in their development into accountable and benevolent members of society.

  •   Love:

Children mirror the behaviour of those around them, especially the behaviour of their parents and siblings. The way we behave does not only affect our children, but our behaviour can be mirrored by our children, therefore, we must be models of principle and morality for our children. The more open to love and actively loving with your child, the more secure they will grow to be in themselves and their relationship. They will also be better able to navigate relationships healthily, and be able to avoid toxic relationships. Secure love in the home does not only stabilize your child’s future social and romantic life, but will imbue in them a sensibility that allows them to be more empathetic, cognizant individuals. 

  •  Teamwork:

Working with other people, and doing it well, while difficult, is something children must learn and continue to do throughout their lives. Teamwork does not only function in school or work settings, but extends to the larger community and the way in which we work with one another to maintain the fabric and function of the community. An activity you can offer your child is cooking (this would work especially well if you have multiple children or can invite a few of your child’s friends’ over). The steps to baking or cooking a dish can be challenging and may plant some obstacles for the young cooks, however, good teamwork should illustrate to them the influence working with others and together can have. 

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