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AYA DigiCamp is an online interactive at-home camp for kids aged 8-11 years old. Designed to inspire critical, creative thinking, the Arabic-first e-learning experience will engage, challenge, and entertain your child as they learn the basics of animation, scratch coding, and even origami making. Centered around the Aya and Yusuf series, students will use the characters from the values-based edutainment show as they learn and create online.

*Limited seats available
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Aya DigiCamp
DigiCamp Steps

How does it work?

The current level offered (Junior) for kids with no previous experience in scratch coding or animations. An intermediate will be introduced at a later stage.

  • Upon payment, Parents will receive calendar invitations for each session.
  • Ahead of each session, Parents will receive a list of materials to have prepared.
  • Children will be asked to complete activities within the 75-minute sessions in addition to an ongoing project to work on in their own time.
  • Once the course is complete all participants will receive an AYA DigiCamp Certificate.
Aya and Yusuf

Meet Mouaz

Lead instructor and curriculum designer of AYA DigiCamp.
After completing his studies in communications and electronic engineering, Mouaz received a scholarship to attend MIT’s graduate program for Computer Science and Data Analytics.
He has taught STREAM subjects to 2000+ students from around the world and is known for his passion, positivity, and affinity for robotics.

An interactive camp based on basic animation scratch coding

AYA Digicamp programs

12-Day Program

The 12-session program is comprehensive, covering all the topics listed above including three projects. This program is available at the beginner and intermediate levels.

5-day BootCamp

The 5-session program covers the topics listed above and includes one stop motion project

For further information or to get in touch you can e-mail us at DigiCamp@ayaanimations.com.


What if my child cannot attend a session?

Not to worry. These sessions are recorded and we can send you a video for your child to follow along. If they cannot attend more than one session please e-mail digicamp@ayaanimations.com

Does my child need to speak Arabic for this?

Currently, the course we offer is Arabic-first. Your child should be able to communicate and understand basic Arabic.

Will there be work outside of the scheduled sessions?

Yes there is a graduation project that students will need to complete on their own time. 

Is the course refundable?

The course payment is non-refundable. Our team puts in a ton of hours to develop the material going into each course.

*Limited seats available
سجل الآن
المقاعد محدودة*
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