Growing up with values is integral to a child’s development into a more grounded adult. It is crucial that we foster values such as kindness, trust, fairness, patience and perseverance, and environmental consciousness in our households so that they are reinforced in our children. Here are five approaches to teaching kids values:

1- Setting an Example.

Much of what kids learn starts with mirroring the world and people around them. Kids are especially focused on their parents’ and siblings’ behaviour, therefore it is important that we not only talk about these values with our kids, but demonstrate them in our day to day lives in the household as well.  

2- Gardening.

This is an activity that can acquaint children with nature while also teaching them patience and perseverance, fairness (treating nature in a fair way), kindness (being kind to nature), and more. Moreover, the responsibility of tending to something and watching it grow is also a fascinating experience for children, filled with morals and values! 

3- Monitoring Internet Time.

Our children are becoming more and more disconnected in an increasingly “connected” world. It is therefore crucial that we put in extra effort to monitor both our kids’ internet use time and content. This way, you instill values and teachings in your kids more consciously and effectively, while weeding out the violent or inappropriate content. 

4- Share Personal Experiences.

Kids love to hear stories, especially about the adults in their lives. Share anecdotes and personal experiences with a moral message or where a value impacted your life positively. 

5- Family Time.

As I mentioned above, kids learn a lot from their families. Spending more quality family time together can really help secure a child and allow for these moral values to be cultivated.


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